Hello, magical folk, and welcome to Potterworld! You’ll fight in duels, brew potions, complete magical challenges, interact with your friends, and explore the magical world – all through Minecraft!

We are proud to be a global, family-friendly server. You can join us with a Minecraft: Java Edition account on versions 1.10 to 1.13.2 using the IP address play.potterworldmc.com. The server runs with plugins, so no mods are needed.

Our custom resource pack will download automagically. All you must do is click “Yes” when it asks for your permission in-game. Please ensure that the “Server Resource Packs” setting is set to “Enabled” or “Prompt” in the server settings before connecting to the server. Otherwise, the download will fail.

Join us for an exciting and magical experience!

Potterworld or Droobledore LLC is not in any way affiliated with Mojang AB, J.K. Rowling, Warner Brothers or any company, copyright or trademark.

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