DynastyMC Cobblemon

Welcome to DynastyMC on Fabric 1.20.1, where three distinct realities await you in the expansive world of Cobblemon! Immerse yourself in a unique experience with:

– Three Realities: Explore different worlds, each with its own set of challenges and surprises.
– Mons Riding: Take your adventure to new heights by riding your Mons across the landscapes.
– Player-Gyms: Test your skills and earn prestige by conquering challenging Gyms.
– Daycare: Nurture and strengthen your Mons while you embark on thrilling quest
– Ranked Battles: Rise through the ranks and prove yourself as the ultimate Pokémon trainer.
– Cooking: Master the culinary arts with unique recipes to enhance your gameplay!
– Global Trade System (GTS): Trade and expand your Pokémon collection with trainers from around the world.

DynastyMC is not just a server; it’s a fusion of innovation and classic Pokémon excitement. Join our passionate community and embark on a limitless Pokémon journey. Whether you’re an experienced trainer or just starting, DynastyMC welcomes you to a world where adventure knows no bounds. Your Pokémon journey begins here!

Discord Link: http://discord.gg/dynastymc

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