Chill Vibes | Crates | Voter Ranks | Seasonal Events | Skripts | Discord | No Griefing | Grief Prevention | Homes | /SitMystic Valley Craft is a community driven friendly survival server. With two (2) developers, there is no better time than the present to join and pitch your own ideas! All ranks are Vote based ranks! No Pay-to-WIN!Home to a shopping district located around spawn, using a custom in house shop chest plugin, mini-games (such as word guess) and a custom dragon fight, you will never get bored!If you want to play normal survival, that’s okay too! Our world is expansive and ready to be explored! Prefer violence? There are designated PvP Arenas where you can fight other players with leader boards!What is a Crate you might ask?Well first, there’s a Vote Crate, which requires a Vote Crate Key – acquired by, you guessed it, voting! First vote gives you a key on the house! On that note, the more you vote, the better rewards you get with every Vote Level! (try /votelevel in game)Second, there’s a Crate that cycles seasonaly, which is full of enchanted, magical, and exciting custom items! Moon Crate Keys have a 1% chance on every VOTE! That is an average pay out of 14 keys per year just by voting! You can access any Crate you like by visiting the Past Crates Tower at /spawnCome sit down, enjoy the eclipse, and play some Minecraft! 🙂

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