Welcome to JungleSMP
Its an OP Survival SMP ensuring to create quality experiences for everyone. Lifesteal SMP Added.
Its a survival community with a strong focus on exploration, community and passionately bringing you the best of what minecraft has to offer.
This is also a crossplay between java and bedrock which allow you to have fun with your friends no matter on what device they are.
And also available for cracked minecraft versions.
We offer ranks and extra rewards for voting.
When you joined in, u can get started by typing “/rtp” to teleport into the wilderness.
We are a safe server with rules. We do not allow greifing or raiding, which means your builds will be completely safe.
We also include player shop, player warp, crates, auction, etc.
Everyone is welcome to join, So join today and enjoy our JungleSMP.
Port – 25576
If you are mobile user this ip is not working for you then IP – with same port

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