Tumbleweed MC Manhunt

Newly launched network featuring survival prison hybrid and ManHunt!
Public and Private /Party modes for manhunting!
1.8 – 1.19+ Java, with crossplay support – Bedrock.TumbleweedMC.com

– Survival (Prison Hybrid)
– Manhunt (YouTube)
– SlimeFun Survival
– Kitpvp (with guns)
– MCWildWest
– Skyblock (coming soon)

Survival world with Custom plugins plus McMMO and custom Landclaims. Prison server features such as the server mines & rankup perks.

Beyond the survival gamemode, we also have an RPG gun gamemode inspired by RDR2 & GTA Online. We also have other gamemodes such as Skyblock and KitPVP in development and releasing soon! Seeya there!

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