Ice and Fire – Game of Thrones RP

Ice and Fire is a Game of Thrones Roleplay server set in the world of Westeros. Survive, join or create a great house, and be a part of events to determine who sits the Iron Throne.

The server will use the medieval factions plugin, where players can create their own original Houses or recreate some from the GOT universe. The map is a recreated version of Westeros (Castles in progress). Players are encouraged to join and grow their houses, (PVE), but will be invited to take part in large PVP and PVE events where they can prove themselves and earn higher ranks. (knights and lords etc.).
Houses will be able to ally with one-another or go to war to put a new king on the Iron Throne. No griefing is allowed, bases will be protected. Wars will be fought over strategic castles around the map for control of each region.

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