Welcome to ArborMC
ArborMC is a bedrock & Java Crossplay Minecraft Server so anyone can join! [​PC, mobile, console anyone literally!]
On ArborMC we care so much about the community, and our goal is to make all of our players happy by listening to suggestions, and making sure everyone is having fun! We are constantly updating the server so you never get bored!
We have a TikTok Account and a Youtube Channel that we post our community in, and our videos are very funny you would love them! We are also very active on discord!
Player Experience
The Player Experience on ArborMC I must say is the best, in our community you can interact with players by dueling others or selling stuff on the auction house! We even offer coin flips so if you’re feeling risky you can gamble your money!
How to join on bedrock?
The ip is and the port is 25565

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