Trans Minecraft

We are a friendly community mostly made up of Transgender people but are welcoming to everyone!

We offer a safe space for you to be who you want to be, you can set your pronouns and name in game allowing you to express your identity.
We have safety features set up to prevent trolls and harassment too.
Some of our features include:

— Hundreds of furniture and decoration items to design your homes and bases however you want!
— Bugs that spawn in the world and can be caught and displayed or sold for coins!
— Custom farming including many new crops, sprinklers to water a wide area and food recipes!
— Custom fishing system that adds new fish and a Stardew Valley like fishing minigame!
— Seasons that affect all aspects of the server such as crop growth and bug spawns!
— Boss fights that have unique and powerful loot!
And so much more!

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