Atm9 anarchy – All the mods 9 server

This isn’t just any server, it’s a semi-anarchy PvP server where strategy, skill, and a bit of mischief come together.

Economy system – Trade with in game economy with an auction house and bounty system.
Spawn area – The spawn will be in a separate dimension free from pvp. You will be able to jump unto the random teleporter to the overworld to start the adventure
Graves – Graves are disabled, you will be able to loot your victims
Dimensions – Some dimensions will be off-limits, world border is 50k in every dimension.
Base Strategy – There are no claims
Banned items – Almost no banned items, all items of mass destruction are fair game
Vote Crates – Get a head start with helpful items

No Offensive Content: No discussions on sensitive topics like politics, religion, drugs, or racism.
Lag Control: Avoid creating excessive lag
Atm9 servers all the mods 9

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