MC Ages

MC-Ages is a growing network, all running on the latest Minecraft version – 1.20.x.

Why not come and explore our servers. You can also choose from Minigames (Park Age), Skyblock, OneBlock, Towny, Industrial (survival), or our Dark Server, a twist on survival.
If you like getting involved in a fun community, building, farming and completing quests, why not come and give our small but growing community a try – come and join us!!

* Work your way through our custom ranks (Towny, Industrial, Oneblock & Skyblock).
* Battle your way to the top of the MCMMO rankings – all servers.
* Learn to fight the boss mobs and complete their quests.
* Go mining, discover the hidden nightmares in the catacombs.
* Earn extra money through Jobs (Towny Industrial Oneblock & Skyblock).
* Rise to the challenge of our other in-game quests/challenges.
* Try your hand at our upgraded vanilla fishing – custom fish etc.
We are looking forward to saying hello.

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