[EU] The Brine Brothers x1

Welcome to the The Brine Brothers! This is an initiative to create a community and server cluster for ARK Survival Ascended.

We currently feature a server for The Island that runs on x1 rates for mostly everything except for breeding which is x2 across the board. You can view a full list of the rates and configuration down below.

Host hardware:

CPU: AMD Ryzen™ 7 7700
Disk: 2 x 1 TB NVMe SSD (Gen4)
Connection: 1 GBit/s port
Bandwidth guaranteed: 1 GBit/s

The server is hosted in a datacenter in Germany.

Q: Will you support additional maps in the future?
A: Yes! Scorched earth will be released first and we will look into adding that as a second server.

Q: Will you wipe the server after a set period of time?
A: Never!

Q: What if my dino get’s meshed and I can no longer get it out?
A: Contact any of the available admins and they will recover the dino for you.

Q: Are there dino wipes?
A: Dino wipes are done on a weekly basis but an automatic process for this has not yet been implemented.

Q: Server restarts?
A: The servers restart every day at 05:00 AM, UTC with a 30 minute notice prior.

Detailed info:


Taming: 1x
Harvesting: 1x
XP: 1x
Maturation: 2x
Egg hatching: 2x
Mating interval: 1x
Baby cuddle interval: 0.5x


Third person is enabled
Server crosshair is enabled
Floating damage text is enabled

Spawn animations are disabled
Structures can be picked up
Flyers can pick up wild dino’s
Max wild dino level is 150
The titanosaur can be tamed and will not starve after a set period of time

Structure and dino decay.
Max weapon damage is clamped to 298% for blueprints.
Structures can be clipped into terain to make building more enjoyable.
Unlimited respecs (mindwipe tonics can be used without there being a 24h cooldown)

Baby imprint amount is 200% (so instead of +20% per imprint, you’ll get +40%)
Baby imprinting can be done by anyone in the tribe.
PVE friendly fire is enabled (will allow you to kill your own baby dino’s)
Engram points per level are increased to 54, this ensures that you’ll unlock all engrams by the time you reach lv 100.
Player food and water drain is 75% instead of 100% (so it’ll drain a bit slower than vanilla).

Cryopods can be deployed without a nearby cryofridge.
Cryofridges can be placed on a platform saddle.
Cryopods can be deployed near enemies.

Official events: no, any boosted rates event ran by official will not be activated on our cluster.
Mods: only event mods will be activated for the same duration (Turkey Trial, Winter Wonderland etc).

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