Ethereal Dominion | PvE | Lost Island

Ethereal Dominion Community
We are a server community from 2012 with friendly players being reformed under the name “Ethereal Dominion”. Try our servers, have fun, and join the community! Don’t forget to visit our Discord where all of our server announcements are posted, along with more server information and rules. Below you’ll find some basic info on our PvE cluster.

Steam Server IP’s:
Ragnarok –
The Island –
Aberration –
Extinction –
Valguero –
Genesis: Part 1 –
Genesis: Part 2 –
Genesis: Part 2 (Missions) –
Crystal Isles –
Scorched Earth –
Lost Island –
Fjordur –
The Center –

1.5x XP
5.0x Taming Rate
3.0x Harvest Amount
16.0x Egg Hatch Rate
10.0x Maturation Rate
0.25x BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier
0.5x Egg Lay Interval
0.05x MatingIntervalMultiplier
1.30x Fishing Loot Quality
0.7x Day Speed / 1.3x Night Speed

Mods (Collection):
– Kraken’s Better Dinos
– Super Structures
– StackMeMore
– Platforms Plus
– Auction House
– Dino Storage v2
– Awesome Spyglass
– Lethal Reusables
– Death Inventory Keeper

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