Ghost Division – PvE Fjordur – H/XP x2 T x3 B x10

Ark Server Network

Looking for the best PvE Ark cluster? You’ve struck gold!

What we offer:
► A long running and balanced concept with a challenging but fun gameplay.
► Increased rates and own lootconfig.
► Active support and tools that help you to keep an eye on your stuff.
► Starter Kit and Voting rewards.
► Ingame shop, Discord marketplace and cluster wide Auction House.
► Better dino spawns and special Shiny Dinos.
► Beautiful building- and decor mods.
► Cluster and Community events like races, hunts or boosted rates weekends.
► Community Discord, Teamspeak and Homepage.
► Welcoming and friendly Community and a committed and experienced team.
► Custom content and solutions.

Server Settings:
► Breeding x10
► Taming x3
► Harvesting x2
► XP x2
► 165 Player Levels + 60 Ascension + 10 Explorer Nodes + 5 Chibi + 10 Fjordur ==> 250 total
► 150 Wild Dino Level
► +100 Dino Levels with XP

Important Links:
More information about our project:
Community forum:
Discord: Join our Discord
Support: Ticketsystem
Rules: PvE Rules
Mod collection: Steam Mod Collection

The Island: Connect
The Center: Connect
Ragnarok: Connect
Valguero: Connect
Scorched Earth: Connect
Aberration: Connect
Extinction: Connect
Genesis – Part 1: Connect
Genesis – Part 2: Connect
Crystal Isles: Connect
Lost Island: Connect
Fjordur: Connect


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