The Friendly Server – Lost Island PvE Community. 3x ALL, low ping, active admins

The Friendly Server
Valguero PvE Community

Join the friendliest communities in Ark, on our Valguero PvE Community server.

– 3x all rates
– max wild dino level: 150
– clustered
– unlimited mindwipes
– titan feeding enabled
– wyvern / drake breeding enabled
– no-clip structures
– increased platform structures
– short nights

– Structures Plus
– Castle’s Keeps & Forts Remastered
– Kraken’s Better Dino’s
– Immersive Taming
– Dino Storage v2
– eco’s Garden Decor
– eco’s RP Decor
– Shiny! Dino’s
– MarniMods: Hairstyles
– Classic Armors Skins
– Phokxxes Boxes
– Phokxx Events
– Event Map

Maps in our cluster:
– The Island
– Scorched Earth
– Aberration
– Extinction
– Genesis Pt1
– Genesis Pt2
– Ragnarok
– The Center
– Valguero
– Crystal Isles
– Event Map: Market Town & Auction House
PLUS: regular event and Admin Boss Arena maps
PLUS: quarterly map – a different Ark map/modpack experience, wipes/changes every 3 months
PLUS: an unmodded Island map for steam & epic players
PLUS: we also run a Conan: Exiles server

Dedicated Servers:
1 cluster across 4 separate enterprise level server machines, full DDos protected, hosted at a datacentre in London



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