[Overseer’s Domain] The Island PVE -ASA-

Welcome to the Overseer’s Domain!

Overseer’s Domain or OvD for short is a welcoming gaming community hosting Ark survival Ascended servers.

With years of experience hosting Ark survival evolved you can count on a fun and streamlined gaming experience!

-Increased rates

-Welcoming community

-Active support both in-game and on Discord

-Vote rewards

-Experienced moderation team to help you with issues you may encounter playing (because we both know Ark likes to Ark)

-Mod support from our resident mod developers (OvD is the home of the popular creature capture/storage solution mod DinoDepot! -Link below)


For more information please join our Discord, we’re looking forward to seeing you!
Discord link: https://discord.gg/BUJPBCUXkM

-The OvD Team

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