Chaos Ascended Ark – 5XP/10T/25M

💥 Looking for a fun and exciting place to play ASA PVE? Come join us on Chaos Ascended for some laughs and adventures! We are a mature (16+) gaming community with a friendly and welcoming environment so stop on by and let’s cause some chaos together ☺️

Full Cross Play
5x XP/Harvest
10x Taming
25x Maturation/Mating
0.01 Mating Interval
5x Imprint
Solo Farm Mod
Custom Dino Levels
Additions Ascended: Ceratosaurus
Wall’n’Floor Decor
Additions Ascended: Deinosuchus
Winter Wonderland
Mouse Saver – Easy Dino Attacks (Cross Platform)
Admin Panel
Automated Ark
Klinger Additional Rustic Building
Klinger Additional Structures
JVH Landscaping Mod
Difficulty level 10 (Level 300 wild dinos)
Default character level
Low player food & water drain
5x slower spoiling
2x Slower fuel consumption
10x Crop growth & decay
2x Oxygen swim speed
Player Stat boosts
Health: 5x (+50)
Stamina: 3x (+30)
Oxygen: 5x (+100)
Food: 5x (+50)
Water: 5x (+50)
Weight: 50x (+500)
Melee: 5x (+25%)
Speed: 5x (+7.5%)
Fortitude: 10x (+20)
Crafting: 10x (+100%)

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