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Rise & GRIND with Grimwood Gaming

This server is NOT for the feint-hearted. If you want an easy ride, if you want all the loot and dinos on a platter, if you want a huge base with no effort and if you want to be done with the game inside a week, this is not the server for you.

Tames are greater than tools
Most of the early game dinosaurs you ignored on that 5x or 10x server from Survival Evolved have a purpose again. Early utility tames excel far beyond your pick and hatchet and the mid-to-end game tames? Well, they’re gonna save your poor, blistered hands.

Death is inevitable, learning is optional
If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. And, hell, if this server doesn’t embody the need to overprepare. Seriously, always overprepare.
You could very easily lose it all to that alpha carno taking a stroll down the beach, too. All it takes is one wrong move. This is Ark in all its brutal, beautiful glory. But when you get the thing you’ve been hunting, the dopamine hit makes the agony worth it.

Rise & Grind
Resource chokes help provide emergent gameplay opportunities and present meaningful choices – the raft or the saddle? The tools or the pike? The armour or the ammo? You’re gonna need to fight, explore, tame, and trade your way to success here, there is no easy road. FYI – explorer note death runs for quick exp are a no go here, you’re gonna need to actually play the game *gasp*

Our ethos is that the game should feel tough, that progress is earnt, and there is no pay-to-win. Voting/Donation rewards will be cosmetic in nature and any events and competitions will have appropriate rewards tantamount to the difficulty of said event.

Adding the RPG to MMO
Our ambition is for this to feel like a living, evolving world with an MMO/Survival Hybrid approach, which is more more achievable thanks to the advancements with UE5 and the new devkit. Progress through the island, then hit up later maps with higher player and dino level caps (or just dive right into the even more brutal start these higher difficulty maps will provide you with).

As each new map arrives, it’ll be added to our cluster but with a twist- you won’t be able to take anything except your experienced character across to those new lands with you initially. This allows you to scavenge and tame these new worlds with that fresh start feel, but without actually losing your player progress. You will, however, be able to take things out of the new world and back across to previous maps with you.

With each new map/DLC that drops, the existing maps will open up full transfers of all items and dinos, but the newest map will always be one way only on launch.

The Stat Stuff

– Low Rates
– Tribes of up to 3
– Cluster ready to launch with new maps as they come
– Mods that provide options and customisations but do not unbalance the game
– No pay-to-win
– Voting rewards
– Website with voting reward integration
– AMAZING Discord community of some damn fine humans (and a fortnightly gaming podcast)

Our plans for ASA are many, but please note these ideas may change over time in response to the community’s wishes and how the game and subsequent mods develop.

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