Realms of Freedom Crossplay

The rates are slightly boosted but some grind is still needed.
We currently run The Island but plan on expanding to other maps once released.


XP Multiplier x 2
Harvesting x 4

Player Health x 2
Player Stamina x2
Player Melee x 2
Player Oxygen x 5
Player Weight x 7
Player Fortitude x 10
Player Crafting skill x 10

Taming x 4
Mature Speed x 20
Mating cooldown between 1h48 and 4h48
Incubation Speed x 20

Dino Health x 2
Dino Stamina x 4
Dino Melee x 2
Dino Weight x 20
Max Dino level 180

There will be boosted weekends once and a while where:
max level dino will be 210
maturation/incubation speed will increase

mods: Cryopods + Utilities Plus + Gryphons (Griffins)
Alliances allowed
Anyone is able to baby imprint
Unlimited mindwipes
Auto Engrams (excl. Tek)
Cave building allowed
Custom Stack Sizes
Slower fuel consumption

Community Center 86.2 – 72.8 (close to spawn point South Zone 3) discord link:

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