Indecent Queens Island PVE Island XPx3 Hx3 Tx5 Bx15 Shop

Welcome to Indecent Queens!

We are a friendly PVE server community featuring no wipe servers with shop, community discord, help ticket system and events.

XP x3
Harvest x3
Taming x10
Max wild level 150
Hatch/Mature x15
Speed leveling allowed
Player/dino 4x weight
Max tribe 10
max dinos per tribe 200
custom wild dino levels (Ragnarok style)

Super Spyglass
Arkitect Structures Remastered
Utilities Plus
Automated Ark
Pelayori’s Cryo Storage
RR-Medieval Deco
Shiny Dinos
Death Recovery
Omega Teleporters

Dedicated server
Custom drops
Voting rewards
Events and event map

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