Fjordur [Yggdrasil Cluster] FJORDUR PVE EU

Yggdrasil Servers was started in OCT 2017. It was started to give everyone a nice friendly and chilled environment to play Ark with great support from an active admin team.
Its a great community to join and we also host a lot of other games. We have our very own hardware that is hosted in a data centre in London UK with a whopping 10Gbps line. Two AMD 5950X CPU’s running at 5.0Ghz with 128GB RAM and 2x1TB Samsung 980 Evo Pro NVME drives. We also get a lot of EU and US players. All find that they get great connection to our servers.
Our servers never wipe becuase we keep things clean and running smooth. We also like to have a good mixture of mods on our servers, so each map has specially selected mods to enhance the experience specific to that map


– Shops, Kits and Lootboxes are available on our servers.
– 10 Maps that are linked so you can transfer between them with characters, items and dinos.
– Our ‘Cross-Cluster Chat’ system allows you to talk to everyone no matter what map you are on at the time as well as through Discord when they are ingame and your on your mobile device.
– Customised lootcrates on Genesis and Beacon drops on every map so you get nice loot thats balanced and also in line with the rest of our maps.
– We have a voting rewards system in-game that you can use to vote for us and claim points in game which you can use to get skins and other items.
– Server rates switch automatically from x3 to x4 on weekends.
– Regular community events.
– All tribe structures and creatures have a long 6 week decay on them no matter what material the item is made from.

Experience/Tame/Harvest = x3 (x4 Weekends) – Same as old x6 rates
Maturing = x6 (x8 Weekends)
Hatching = x10 (x5 extra with a SS Hatchery)
Mating Interval Multiplier = 0.05 (5% of the time of Official) Generally about 2 Hours Max.
Player Level Cap = 200
Structure/Dino Decay = 6 Weeks on all

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