Melamar: Island

Welcome to Melamar!
Looking for a fresh start with a great community? Look no further!

Our Community
We are a year old cluster now, designed for players by players! We are a modded PvE cluster with breeding and long term play in mind. We have experienced players and admins to help you if you are new to the game. If you are a seasoned vet, you’ll also fit right in! We welcome all players, new and old! We are still a growing community, so we look forward to any new faces that pop up! Don’t be afraid to come and say hi, we look forward to meeting you!

XP: 2x
Gathering: 3x
Taming: 8x
Maturation: 15x
Hatch Speed: 20x
Mating Speed: 5x
Mating interval: 0.015
Tribe Member Limit: 20
Max Player Level: 105 (180 with max ascension, max chibi levels, and explorer notes)

We are a modded cluster geared towards breeders and builders. We currently run both CKF Remastered and CKF Sci Fi. Kraken’s Better Dino’s is also featured with its fantastic buffs and remaps. And of course, Dino Storage v2 is a must.

We are also using the Ark Shop API to allow for passively gained coins and vote reward coins as well. We have just updated to the new shop UI as well for a much smoother shop experience.

We have a questing system in place as well to further your journey in Ark and to allow for a longer playing experience! Those super bred dino’s will have much more use with the questing system.

Check out the full mod list here:

8 Maps
We are currently a 8 map cluster.

Current Maps:
Scorched Earth (rotates out monthly with abberation)
Abberation – (Classic Abb, No Flyers.) (rotates out monthly with scorched earth)
Crystal Isles
Genesis 1 – (Flyers and Tek Suit Enabled.)
Genesis 2 – (Mission buffs disabled, Breeding/Building Map)

Head on over to our Discord! If you need any support, we have a ticketing system for admins assistance. Our Discord is very active, you may even find your new home!

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