Eternal Ark, the new #1 No Wipe PVP Cluster


Experience – 10x
Mating Interval – 0.5 (8-24hr cd)
Mating Speed – 10x
Egg Hatch Speed – 25x
Baby Mature Speed – 10x
Taming – 15x
Harvest – 5x
*Rates INCREASED for solo, two, and three man tribes to balance competing with bigger tribes

– NO WIPES so all of your hard work is always safe and secure
– Balanced ORP so your base is safe when you log out
– New Player Protection
– Cave and map changes to balance base locations
– 6 Player Tribes
– Tribes limited to 3 “Alpha Locations” so everyone has a chance to get a good base spot
– Lots of PVP balance changes to give everyone a great PVP experience no matter the skill level
– Active and impartial admins who DO NOT PLAY on the cluster
– Custom shop with an in-game UI (F1)
– Boosted weight, slightly boosted melee, slightly boosted torpor
– Tons of Quality of Life plug-ins and mods (S+, Binocs, Turret filler, Solo farm and many more)
– Tribute + Element transfers
– Dino balance for PVP
– Discord + in-game integration (two way chat, tribe log relay)

Join us today for the best ark experience you’ve had yet!

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