Spitfire Primal Eternal 1000x 2

-XP: 250x
-Player level: 500
-Taming: 100x
-Supply Loot: 4x
-Tribelimit: 6
-Alliances: 2
-Gather 1000x
-Turret Damage: 1000x
-Wild Max Level: 600
-Max Tame Limit 300
-Mating Interval: 0.5 Faster
-Mating Speed 1x
-Structure Resistance: 0.07
-Baby Mature: 150x
-Hatching: 150x
-Enabled Allow Imprint
Cuddle by Anyone
-Water Wipe can be placed anywhere
-Awesome Teleporter Limit: 4
-Turret Limit: 1000
-New player Protection on Structures 24 hours or level 85
-Structure Limit: 6000
-Celestial Blade Blocked on PvP Cooldown
-HP Injector Pots, Primal Health Potions and 100% pots all have cooldowns
-Primal Rocket Disabled
-Teranova, Titan God, Nova, Darkstars nerfed agaisn’t structures

ARK Eternal
-Enabled dino damage to boss summoners
-WorkBenchcrafting speed: 2x
-Summoner crafting speed: 2x
-Forge Crafting speed: 100x
-Converter speed: 1000x
-Only one corpse recovery per player

Primal Fear
-Enabled Celestial breeding
-Enabled Demonic breeding
-Enabled Chaos breeding
-Enabled Spirit breeding
-Disabled Nuka Dodos
-Disabled Rocket Kairuku
-No Rider Protection

Seed Farm
-Tek Plot 2.0: Amount multiplier: 500x
-Tek Plot 2.0: Duping rate: 30 sec
-Other crop tiers: Amount multiplier: 1000
-Other crop tiers: Duping rate: 5 sec

Photon Turret

-ARK Eternal
-Auto Engrams
-Awesome SpyGlass
-Awesome Teleporters
-Photon Sentry N Rifle
-Primal Fear
-Primal Fear Boss Expansion
-Primal Fear Extinction Expansion
-Primal Fear Genesis Expansion
-Primal Fear Scorched Earth Expansion
-Structures Plus
-Platforms Plus
-Ultra Stacks
-Upgrade Station

-Advanced ARKShop
-Advanced Dino Colour
-Damage Control
-Advanced Item Cooldown
-Structure Limit
-New Player Protection
-Kill Feed
-Donation Store
-Vote Rewards

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