RTR [EU] -PVP- x10 | 4Man | Mods | >1

Server restart every day at 6 AM
Wipe with Scortch Earth

-Ez Engram Unlocker
-Custom Dino Levels
-PvP Scoreboard

-10x EXP
-10x Farming
-10x Taming (5x with 2x eat)
-40x Maturation
-20x Hatching
-150 Turrets
-Turretdmg x2 for balancing
-15x Item stack RawPrimeMeat up to 5
-25x Weight for Player/Dino
-Maximum wild dino level 150
-Maximum player level 105
-Enough points for all Engrams
-No movement speed leveling
-Cave building allowed (6x structure damage in caves)
-30 sec PVP respawn cooldown (not stacking) for YEET actions

More information in our in-game overlay

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