Firefly Gaming Lost Island PvE [Xpx1][Tx5][Hx3]

✨Fire Fly Gaming Community Since 12/2019✨

Updated 1/15/2023

Greetings Everyone!

Our community is a friendly and helpful atmosphere you can sit back and relax with. Our goal is to provide a community driven gaming experience tailored via direct feedback from all of you :). So come on over and play with us. We’d love to have you!

We run two clusters, an Ark Omega and a full map Extra Qol Modded cluster. Both clusters are PvE. We may expand out eventually to include a PvP cluster as funding permits. Everything is hosted in-house out of Cincinnati, OH in the US.

Join our Discord Server for all server rules, info, announcements and shenanigans

Ark 1 Server Features:

Server Side Stacks NO STACK MODS 🚫
Cross Ark Chat! Able to chat with everyone across the cluster
REWARDS Items, currency and Kits via in-game shop including starter (F2)
UNLIMITED mind wipes
Reusable bolas, spears, grappling hooks, etc!
Modded teleporters and spyglass
​DINOTRACKING in multiple forms
BUILDING Mods for your creative endeavors
PATRON Perks (Body retrieval, dino coloring, etc)
TAMING Helper items for those who want faster tames
AUCTION House and ingame currency
WEB SHOP integrated with cluster
[b]QUESTS in both daily and weekly forms

VOTER Rewards

Ark 1 Cluster Wide Mod List

Omega Server

Ark 1 Server Settings:
Max Tribe Members = 10
Max Alliances = 12
Max Tribes in Alliance = 10
Tribal Warfare = Enabled, Cancel Allowed
Player Multipliers: XP = 1, Stam = 1.25, Oxygen 1.25, Food = 1.2
Suppress Replenish Radius (Player) = .25
Suppress Replenish Radius (Structure) = .4
Clamp Resource Harvest Damage = Enabled
Use Optimized Harvesting Health = Enabled
(Custom harvest table is 3x for most resources, 1x for plant based resources)
Global Harvest Health Multiplier = 1
Max Dino Level = 300 (348 Tek, 380 drake/wyvern)
Wild Dino DMG/RES = 1.5
Max Tamed Dinos (Tribe) = 100
Tamed Dino Food Drain Multiplier = .5
Taming Speed Multiplier = 5
Tamed Health = .2
Tamed Stamina = 2
Tamed Oxygen = 1
Tamed Food = 1
Tamed Temperature = 1
Tamed Weight = 4
Tamed Damage = .17
Tamed Speed = 1
Tamed Crafting = 1

These Rates only apply in the N+ Hatchery, N+ Incubator, N+ Propagator, and Dino Storage Soul Traps
Mating Interval = 10
Mating Speed = 2
Egg Hatch Speed = 10
Baby Mature Speed = 10

Baby Food Consumption = .5
Imprinting Stat Scale = 2
Cuddle Interval = .2
Cuddle Grace Period = 1
Cuddle Lose imprint Quality Speed = 1
Lay Egg Interval = .7

Ark 1 PvE Server Status:

Ark 1 PvE Cluster:
🧬 Abberation
💎 Crystal Isles
🌎 Extinction
🐉 Fjordur
🚀 Genesis Ship
🖥️ Genesis Sim (Needs Valguero DLC)
🐾 Ragnarok
🏜️ Scorched Earth
🏞️ The Center
🏝️ The Island
🐑 Valguero
🗺️ Lost Island
🐴 Caballus

ARK 1 Omega

🏞The Center

Server Hardware (Self Hosted)
AMD Threadripper 3970x 32 Core Cpu
1TB NVME SwapDrive
2TB ASM Backup Raid Array
12GB/s SAS Raid Array for Servers
256GB ECC 3200 DDR4 RAM
Backups to NAS and Cloud Services
Internet Bandwidth 1Gbps/1Gbps Fiber

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