Dawn Of Ark ASA Vanilla/ORP/NoWipe/x2T/x1G/x0.5XP

Welcome Survivor, up for a challenge? Tired of fibercraft and other insanely fast paced servers who wipe every other week and you have to start all over again? Then you have found the right place. Dawn of Ark is new(opened 04/12/2023) no-wipe server for everyone, both beach bobs who want to see the real OG ark without getting wiped every day and Ark veterans – everyone will find safe haven in Dawn of Ark world. Server is here to stay and we will add more maps/dlcs when they will come out. Lets build our community together! We are just starting and always happy to receive some suggestions or comments, see you in the Ark!

Discord – https://discord.gg/qywhaRqtd6
Server name – Dawn Of Ark Vanilla/ORP/NoWipe/x2T/x1G/x0.5XP

2x Taming
0.5x Experience
1x Harvest

Raising settings
1x Egg Hatching
1x Baby raising
1x breeding intervals
1x Baby food consumption

4 Man tribe limit
No Alliances

Dino settings
Dino Levels: Vanilla 150

Structure collision: Disabled
Structure pickup: Enabled
Cave building allowed

ORP Settings
Full ORP, activates 60 minutes after last player from tribe logout

Official armor/saddle % caps
Food/water drain lowered to 0.7
Unlimited respecs
Loot crate quality changed to 0.3, otherwise way too OP

Other DLCs will be added to cluster when they come out

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