The Dark Lands

The Dark Lands is a brand new palworld server on skynode.

Up 24/7 excluding server updates
possibly mods to be installed when linux support releases
hard difficulty: X3 day time lenght, X2 Night time length, 75% exp rate, 75% capture rate, 75% spawn rate, player attack & defense 75%, player hunger 125%, player stamina decrease 80%, item drop rate 50%, item respawn 75%, enemy drop rate 75%, DEATH PENALTY items and equipment only, no pvp, no friendly fire, hatch time cut why X3, work speed 75%
Dedicated discord server specifically for palworld server
in need of stress testers to really give the server a beating to see what it can take
if i can get donations for the server going possible upgrades to the server currently the specs
ram – 16 gigs
cpu – 4.4ghz at uncapped cpu
NVMe Storage – 40 GB
Room for 15 people possibly more if I can get the funding

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